My digital films for a 2D screen are largely semi-abstract, often on the brink of narrative. They make use of pattern, cadence and montage to create meaning. Some contain 'hidden' films within films.

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Peacock, (2012-ongoing)
Peacock is a film made in collaboration with film maker Kuldip Powar. It is based on the poetry of Amarjit Chandan. It explores the notion of the national bird of india through the prism of colonialism. The project is a work-in-progress.

In the original Punjabi with subtitles in English (read by Amarjit Chandan)
Music by Ruth Chan
Poetry from: Sonata for Four Hands (2010) Published by: Arc Publications.


Projected film created for the composer Nye Parry for his live performance at The Swiss Church, Central London in 2013.