Working with a commercial company, Musion, I have made several holographic projections for the stage. These have been screened in many events worldwide, and at Kinetica and at The BFI in London. Holographic projections use the nineteenth century 'Pepper's Ghost' idea combined with modern technology to create a realistic 3D impression of people and objects on stage.


An audio-visual work with music by Mat Hourteillan. (2010)
This work appears as 3D on the stage. It has been shown at a variety of events including at the re-launch of Shunt in London Bridge in 2011.


Life in a Beat (2010)

Life In a Beat is a VJ film made in collaboration with Jonathan Munro and Gareth Goodison, all footage used was shot in HD at London Zoo with kind permission form ZSL.


The View From NoWhen (2012)

A holographic performance with live dancer (Kierah Stark) for Kinetica 2012 with music by Nye Parry.

A portrait of the bee made at the time that it was feared bees were disappearing from our planet. The portrait begins with an mri scan of one bee, showing the outside, inside and cross section of two slices of the bee body. This is the most accurate record of the form of the bee possible at this time. Additionally, a Red1 camera was used to capture a hive in slow motion. Music by Mat hourteillan.