For me, a blank canvas is a pitch dark room into which I sculpt light and space by combining built environments with projected video. 

For the past ten years the focus of my work has been integrating projected video into environments that I construct, thereby mixing filmic and sculptural concerns. My work and research places an interrogation of the screen and its interaction with the spectator at its centre. Having initially viewed the screen as sculpture, my more recent research extends its role to become a performer in the film, emphasising the interaction between the moving image and projection surface, so that they play, fight, and sculpt each other.

My work has been shown at among others The Science Museum, London, Art Laboratory, Berlin, The Science Centre, San Diego, The Science Gallery, Dublin, KunstKraftwerk, Leipzig, The Petrosains in Kuala Lumpar, plus art and science centres in New Zealand and China.

I am based in the UK.

Please enjoy browsing my projects.