My current research revolves around investigating the screen and the space of the projection as an interface. The research will build on my previous experience of applying insights from the study of perception to moving image installation. For these new pieces, I will be collaborating with psychologists and using theories of attention to inform multisensory moving image installations.

The Fickle Screen. I am researching the psychology of cross-modal attention (where what someone attends to in one sense is modulated by stimuli detected in another sense) and am using this research to inform the creation of multi-sensory projection installations. According to psychologists Martino and Marks, stimuli in modalities other than the one attended to will always influence the processing of the attended stimuli. “The senses are better conceptualized as interrelated modalities than separate channels”. 

Installation art is intrinsically a multi-sensory experience, requiring bodily presence. The fundamental elements of moving image, including movement, luminance and change, cause it to capture our attention very readily. By examining this type of art, in the light of recent theories of cross-modal attention, I hope to achieve new insights into embodied interaction with these types of experiences.  For me, research into attention and the senses elucidates film and aesthetic theory. In particular, research will be carried out into how tactility and body posture affects perception of moving image.  For example, how might attention and perception be affected by whether the audience are sitting, standing or lying down?

fickle screen hammock.jpg

Dancing Screen.

I would like to create a reactive, performing, puppet like screen, which will be choreographed to dance with the film projected onto it. The screen will react to the film projected spatially and temporally. The screen will be composed of many small parts each attached to a small motor so that each part can be moved individually. This will break up the visual plane and allow the screen to create its own 3D world, and become a performative character in the installation. Eventually, I would like to expand the idea into creating a full performing environment, which could react to the visitor.

filled room sketch.jpg